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Work car loan program

The government is studying the implementation of aid for the purchase of a vehicle for low-income households. It could be inspired by the social investment program set up by Renault and the “Entreprise & Pauvreté” association. Since 2016, 400 cars have been delivered to people who needed them to work or look for work.

How to provide a car offer at the best price for fragile workers and job seekers in need? According to our information, the government will soon entrust the general inspectorate of finance with a mission of expertise on the implementation of a microcredit offer ways to work auto loans allowing low-income households to access less polluting vehicles. It would concern all manufacturers, and would give access to the car conversion premium .


While the poverty plan  emphasizes support for returning to work, we now know that access to a vehicle is the first indirect brake on employment, before childcare. However for a number of modest French people, getting a vehicle, insuring themselves, refueling and maintaining it can turn into a financial nightmare. We also heard the discontent of these low-income motorists on roundabouts in November, when they protested against the increase in gasoline taxes. Even when noted, the automobile conversion premium was considered insufficient to acquire a less polluting vehicle.


Inspiration was found in “Entreprise & Pauvreté”, the ideas and projects box created in 2010 by Emmanuel Faber (Danone) and Martin Hirsch (AP-HP), two big bosses involved. In 2012, the association set up a social investment program with Renault to offer car repairs at cost. Potential beneficiaries are identified by various partners, such as Pôle emploi for the unemployed, Adie for micro-entrepreneurs, ADMR for home help, etc. “We did not want to set an income threshold; it is our partners who establish their own criteria ” , explains Nicolas Douziech, Mobilize project manager at“ Entreprise & Pauvreté ”.

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