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Consequently, the conditions of distribution are particularly crucial. Beyond the singularity of their modes of action, everything happens as if the associations could no longer do without initiatives showing attention to the rhythms and methods of meeting with the poor. The greater or lesser ease with which operating procedures have been disseminated, reflecting a new perception of the populations being helped and their needs, undoubtedly constitutes a good indicator of the constraint weighing on emergency food aid providers.

One of the readjustments repeatedly recommended relates to the extension of the aid calendar. But if the clearly displayed concern to end a seasonality that characterized distribution until the early 1990s is symptomatic of a desire to redefine action, it is struggling free cars from goodwill to materialize. It was especially after we became aware of the failure of the systems revealed, in particular, by the first plan Precarity-poverty (1984-1985) that we put the accent on the discontinuities as much geographical (the offer is urban and weak if not non-existent in areas far from medium-sized municipalities) than temporal (insignificance of help in summer, ie between April and December). The emotion aroused by such distress, always reaching its peak with the harshness of winter, forced to wonder about the fate of these applicants during the months of suspension of aid. Such questioning, which carries with it the need for continuous intervention, should ultimately concern the majority of operators. Even the SSVP conferences, which have always interrupted their visits during the summer, strive, not without difficulty, to guarantee maintenance.

 The RC, for their part, have set up what they call intercampaign. Reserved for beneficiaries receiving resources of less than half an RMI, the distribution thus extends for the most needy of the needy beyond the closure occurring in March. At the SP, the counter, too, remains open. Let us add that the BA leaders keep reminding partner associations that their warehouses cannot close their doors due to the needs of the beneficiaries and the constraints linked to supply. The loyalty of food manufacturers imperatively requires a quasi-contractual commitment to avoid any break in the flow of products delivered free of charge:

We cannot close even if there are fewer people. Associations do not always have enough volunteers in the summer to continue their action, so they stop but we, we want to follow up, we organize volunteer hotlines, we take turns so that there is always someone here.

Responsible for BA supplies, retired, former commercial director at Saupiquet.

Is seasonality on the way to characterizing a past age of humanitarian initiative? Not yet. The contractualization of the links existing between associations, the Bank, hypermarket managers and manufacturers does not always succeed in removing resistance from volunteers. Particularly sensitive to the mid-1990s, the new situation often forced those responsible to beat the recall of the troops. In the moral and financial reports presented to the General Council of the SSVP.

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