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Car Finance No Credit Check

Signing a long-term lease is debt, like buying a car on credit. Like buying, this is an important transaction that needs to be well thought out.

Here are three precious tips to follow to ensure that you rent your car with complete peace of mind.


Prepare for financing

  • Establish your monthly budget : always keep in mind the maximum amount you can pay each month. Your monthly payment must match your financial capacity, and it must take into account other expenses related to your car. A simple reminder, but absolutely essential!
  • Check out the solutions online : the websites of automakers, banking institutions and some used car dealers offer tools to help you build your financing. Take advantage! Use them as a starting point and print the results. They can be used later if you negotiate on-site financing. 
  • Learn the terms of sale : you don't know the difference between the interest rate, the credit rate and the financing costs? Well the seller, yes! Learn and understand these terms to clarify your discussion ... and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Be aware of some details

Understanding the terms related to financing is essential ... but the details below will also prepare you for the next steps.

Beware of "unbeatable rates"

Dealers often promote their financing and car finance no credit low interest rates (sometimes even 0%) with publicity. These "unbeatable" rates do not say everything. Your bill could be more salty than at first glance, since you have to take into account the credit rate: by including it, we are sometimes far from 0% financing!

Impact of the interest rate on extras

If you want to include an extra purchase in your financing, think about it. For example, $ 800 alloy wheels will cost you $ 996 at 9% interest for five years, or 25% more. And this same kind of calculation applies to everything you will be tempted to add!

Model of the year, lower rate!

The rates granted for used cars generally exceed those for new ones (and this is also true in banks). Financing a used car therefore costs more, and this is explained: by reselling a used car (if the buyer stops paying), the lender recovers a smaller part of his investment. This risk he takes, he compensates with a higher interest rate. The 0% rate for used cars? Very unlikely as an offer .

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